Ultimate Patrick Mahomes Product Guide 2020: Jerseys, Gear, Collectibles and More

Patrick Mahomes
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Patrick Mahomes is considered one of the best players in the NFL, if not the best. Patrick Mahomes highlight videos have become a regular occurrence on ESPN and winning an MVP and a Super Bowl MVP in your first two seasons speaks for itself. In today’s NFL, being the best player leads to a lot of products being made with your name on it. We’ve gone through all of the products on the market and you can check out the summary below to see the best ones we found across all categories.


Patrick Mahomes has been starting games for the Chiefs for two years now, but he’s already established himself as the game’s premier quarterback, so there are a lot of jerseys available. Whether it’s from the regular season, the Pro Bowl, or the Super Bowl, we got you covered.

Nike NFL Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Patch White Jersey

The first item on this list is the jersey Mahomes wore on the last game of the 2020 season, when he led his team to a comeback win over the 49ers in Super Bowl XL. This product contains the Super Bowl patch, making it unique.

Patrick Mahomes Unsigned Kansas City Chiefs Nike Jersey Size L

This jersey is the “away” jersey of Mahomes during the regular season. It’s the regular jersey worn by Mahomes and it contains the AFC patch on it.

Nike Patrick Mahomes #15 Youth Kansas City Chiefs Game Jersey - Red

This jersey is for youth and it’s the regular home jersey of Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs with the AFC patch on it. It's officially licensed by the NFL. It is great for young fans of football and for fans of the Chiefs. It also makes a great gift.


NFL Youth 8-20 Team Color Polyester Performance Mainliner Player Name and Number Jersey T-Shirt

This shirt with Mahomes’ name on it is great for every day wear and sports activities. It’s a simple Chiefs shirt that any Mahomes fan will love because it represents him the best way. This is a very popular item for Chiefs fans.

Kansas City Mahomes Game of T-Shirt

For fans of Game of Thrones you will love this “Game of Mahomes” shirt, making a reference to the popular TV show. It’s in the color of the Chiefs and uses the design of the Game of Thrones signature logo and font.

Believe in Mahomes Kansas City Football Fan Wear DT Adult T-Shirt Tee

This shirt is available in multiple colors and states “Believe in Mahomes”. It’s great because Mahomes brought hope to Kansas City and this shirt represents it perfectly. This is another very popular shirt for Mahomes fans.

Go All Out Adult Kansas City is Mahomes T-Shirt

This T-shirt is saying “Kansas City is MaHOMes” where HOME is written in a different color. It’s another great t-shirt options for his fans.

Go All Out Womens Rolling with Mahomes Deluxe Soft T-Shirt

On this T-shirt, we can read “Rollin with Mahom15s” using Mahomes #15 to replace the “E”. It’s also cool because we see that he is standing in his signature position on the sideline when the defense hits the filed. The design is fun and different for fans who are looking for something unique. The design is also available in a hoodie.  

Xtreme Apparrel Rollin with Mahomes Kansas City Skyline Shirt

Here is another shirt saying Rollin with Mahomes with the city of Kansas City inside a football. We know that Kansas City is a football town and this shirt represents it to perfection. A very cool shirt and a rarer find than some of the other shirts we’ve recommended.

Go All Out Adult Kansas City is Mahomes Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This version of “Kansas City is MaHOMEs” is the same one as the hoodie and the shirt, but in the sweatshirt long sleeve version. It’s also available in multiple colors.


Adult Mahomes Goat G.O.A.T Sweatshirt Hoodie

This hoodie represents a goat with Mahomes’ number 15 on it, suggesting that Mahomes is the greatest of all time. It comes in many colors if white doesn’t suit you, so a lot of choices are available. We love this hoodie for its clean, simple design.

Go All Out Adult and Youth Rolling with Mahomes Sweatshirt Hoodie

On this hoodie, we can read “Rolling with Mahom15s” with the “E” replaced by his number 15. It’s a very comfortable hoodie with the Chiefs colors on it.

Go All Out Adult and Youth Kansas City is Mahomes Sweatshirt Hoodie

This hoodie is saying “Kansas City is MaHOMes” where HOME is written in a different color. It’s a great hoodie for a Kansas City native and Mahomes fan.


Anyone who love Mahomes should look into these products to decorate their home or office. These framed pictures can be placed anywhere and offer a nice tribute to Mahomes’ greatness.

Legends Never Die Patrick Mahomes Away White - Kansas City Chiefs - 12" x 15" Framed Photo Collage, Inc.

If you are looking for an incredible piece of art, look no further. This framed collage of Patrick Mahomes contains his first regular season stats. This is a beautiful framed picture for your home.

Legends Never Die 2019 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Champions - Collage - 18" x 22" Framed Photo Collage

This is a collage of the Super Bowl win by the Chiefs with Mahomes at the center holding the Lombardi trophy. We see multiple pictures of him that show his passion on the filed and how well he performed. This is a great tribute to the Chiefs 2020 Super Bowl win.

Patrick Mahomes II Signed Mounted Photo Display Kansas City Chiefs #01 NFL Printed Autograph Gift Picture Print

This piece of art contains Mahomes’ facsimile signature (signature saved electronically) and it is a single picture of Mahomes in-game. There is also his name and his team on the bottom. It is great for Chiefs fans who want to have their best player on their wall at home or in their office.

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 54 LIV Champions Original Front Page KC Star Framed Newspaper With Patrick Mahomes 2/3/20

This is a nice memory of the Super Bowl win. It’s the front page of the Kansas City Star showcasing the brilliance of Mahomes and the team. It illustrates Mahomes lifting the Lombardi trophy framed in the colors of the Chiefs. It is a nice piece for remembering his legendary Super Bowl season.

Trends International NFL Kansas City Chiefs - Helmet Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Premium Unframed

This is a Chiefs poster that fits great in youngsters bedrooms. It has the Chiefs helmet with the logo in background. The design of the poster is very cool and attractive for fans.

Trends International NFL Kansas City Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes II Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Premium Unframed

Here we have another poster of Patrick Mahomes ready to sling the football to a receiver. He is surrounded by an explosion-like color making it an eye catching addition to any room. It’s a great Mahomes’ poster that emulates his actions on the field.


Bobbleheads are a fun product or gift to buy because you can collect them or you can just use them to decorate your home or office. Whatever the reason, here is our complete breakdown of the best Bobbleheads for Patrick Mahomes.

Funko POP! NFL: Patrick Mahomes II (Chiefs)

This Funk POP edition is the Patrick Mahomes figurine. This figurine is very popular because they are great small gifts for anyone who loves a specific player. This one depicts Mahomes in the Chiefs away uniform wearing his signature headband.

Forever Collectibles Kansas City Chiefs NFL 8 Inch Resin Bobblehead - Cannon Arm Patrick Mahomes

This Bobblehead is great because it is a realistic representation of Mahomes’ cannon of an arm. He may have the strongest arm in the league so this Bobblehead is an original item to add to your collection. Additionally, the podium he’s standing on infers that he is at the top of the league at his position.

Forever Collectibles Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes #15 Drum Base NFL Resin Bobblehead

The next Bobblehead on this list is Mahomes standing on top of the Chiefs logo looking to throw the football with a smile on his face. He also wears his trademark headband around his head. It is a great gift that any Mahomes fan will love.

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) Removable Helmet Bobblehead by Foco

This NFL Bobblehead features Patrick Mahomes standing on a regular base. However, this particular Bobblehead is unique because you have the option of removing the helmet.

Patrick Mahomes w/Warpaint (Kansas City Chiefs) NFL 2019 Riding Bobblehead by Foco

Kansas City natives and Mahomes fans will love this original Bobblehead riding a horse. It’s a very special product with an original design. He looks like he is running with the football but he’s on top of the horse with a big cowboy hat. This represents the culture of Kansas City, the town that welcomed Mahomes with open arms.

FOCO Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech Red Raiders College Football Stars Kansas City Chiefs Bobblehead NCAA

This Bobblehead is from Mahomes collegiate career at Texas tech and it represents him with a football in his hands ready to make a play. There are not many Bobbleheads for his college career so this a cool find if you were fan back in his Texas Tech days.


In this category you will find various products of Mahomes that are original and different. There are some real gems in this section for displaying your fandom in new ways.


The first accessory is this Patrick Mahomes coffee mug with the Chiefs logo on it. Plus, the word Chiefs is filled with pictures of Mahomes in action.

Patrick is Mahomie Coffee Mug

This mug has Patrick Mahomes’ name modified once again as we can read Patrick Ma’Homie with his number on it. There is also the Chiefs logo on both sides of his number. It’s great and simple for anyone you know who appreciates a good mug.

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Champions Coffee Mug

This three-mug set from the Super Bowl is a perfect way to honour the team’s big win. Each mug celebrates a different achievement for his historic season.

Celebrity Prayer Candles Patrick Mahomes Funny Saint Candle - 8 inch Glass Prayer Votive

This is a celebrity candle pictured with Mahomes on it as the savior, suggesting that he saved the city of Kansas City with his stellar play. It’s a great and original item to decorate your kitchen with or light up your dinners or football games.

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Selfie Socks by For Bare Feet

These socks are a fun product to buy for a Mahomes fan. They are socks with Mahomes’ face and number. It’s a rarer item and one you may not think about, but a great way to represent your favorite player.

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes #Player Socks by For Bare Feet

This pair of socks is for younger fans. It’s a great pair for youngsters to wear at school and show off their favorite player to fellow students.

Go All Out Adult Mahomes Sport and Workout Wicking Headband

This headband is extremely popular for Mahomes’ fans because everyone watching him knows he always wears it during games.

HandinHandCreations Mahomes Headband Football Costume Party Wig Brown

Another fun product is this headband and wig. If you want to take your fandom to the next level, this is the way to do it. Plus, it can make a great Halloween costume.


FOCO - Kansas City Chiefs High End Diagonal Drawstring Backpack Gym Bag - Patrick Mahomes #15

This gym bag has his last name and his number written on it. Plus, it has the Chiefs logo on it. There are multiple zippers on it to make it more spacious and overall a solid gym bag at a good price point.

FOCO Kansas City Chiefs Official NFL Duffel Gym Bag - Patrick Mahomes #15

This other gym bag is much more spacious than the previous one and is very eye catching. It is colorful and has Mahomes’ name on both sides and the Chiefs logo in front. Overall this is a high quality sports bag.

FOCO - NFL Player Stadium Approved Clear Zippered Messenger Tote Bag

This clear transparent bag is great for events with security that only permits see through bags. 


Every collector of cards should look at these trading cards because their value will increase over the years as Mahomes’ career progresses. They also make a nice gift for someone at a low price point.

2020 PATRICK MAHOMES MVP Football Card - Limited Edition Custom Made Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl MVP Card

This product is special because it’s from Mahomes first Super Bowl win with the Chiefs in 2020 against the 49ers. It has his game stats in the back of the card and it’s a great way to honour his greatness.


This trading card is after his MVP season in 2018. It’s a Gold Platinum limited edition.

PATRICK MAHOMES II 2017 2018 NFL GOLD PLATINUM Rookie Card RC Only 2,000 MADE Kansas City Chiefs In a one touch magnetic case.

This is the card from the 2017 NFL draft when Mahomes was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s a Gold Platinum limited edition where we see Mahomes holding the Chiefs jersey for the first time.


Autographed products are a hot commodity right now. As the best player in the NFL, there’s lots of demand for signed items. Some of these items are more expensive than other products we’ve reviewed but they are worth looking into regardless.

Patrick Mahomes Signed Autographed Texas Tech Red Raiders Black Mini Helmet - JSA Certified - Autographed College Mini Helmets

The first signed product is from his collegiate career at Texas Tech. Any long time Mahomes fans who wish to get their hands on something emotionally valuable should look into this product. It’s an authentic product that should be considered a trophy!

Patrick Mahomes Tyreek Hill Signed Kansas City Chiefs Speed Full Size Helmet - JSA Certified - Autographed NFL Helmets

This other helmet is also signed by Mahomes, but it is from his current NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs. This helmet looks like it’s older than the current helmet, so there’s a great mix of history and the new era of Chiefs football. It is also authenticated.

Patrick Mahomes Autographed Ball - Super Bowl Liv - JSA Certified - Autographed Footballs

Finally, the last signed product should get everyone excited. A Super Bowl signed football is everything a Mahomes fan could want. It’s history in the making, and hopefully for Chiefs fans, not the last Super Bowl Mahomes wins.

There is the end of our complete guide of Mahomes products for 2020. We hope you enjoyed it! If there’s any products you’d like us to add, get in touch at [email protected]

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