Ultimate Dennis Rodman Product Guide 2020: Shoes, Gear, Collectibles, and More

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Dennis Rodman was something special on NBA courts. He had incredible energy and a top-class basketball IQ. He was an elite rebounder and defensive player but more importantly Rodman was a beloved teammate and somebody who attracted a lot of attention on and off the court. 

In our guide we have a great collection of Rodman shoes, jerseys, collectibles and much more…there is something for everybody and some great finds. This is the most comprehensive Dennis Rodman product guide you’ll find. 


During his best NBA seasons with the Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman was wearing NIKE Air Shake Ndestrukt which come in a variety of colors and sizes. These sneakers are perfect for any hoopers and work well indoor or outdoor. You will feel and look great in these retro Nikes.

Nike Men's Air Shake Ndestrukt Basketball Shoes


We have put together an awesome collection of Rodman jerseys. These are all high quality and offer many different styles and teams. 

Bulls Home Jersey

Number 91 in red, a symbol for one of the best teams in NBA history and the player who was the team’s rebounding and energy engine. Very stylish and high-quality item from Adidas. A really iconic jersey for real fans.

Bulls Away Jersey

The 1995/1996 Bulls season is still considered one of the best in league history and definitely peak Dennis Rodman. This black jersey with red stripes was the Bulls alternate jersey that year and is instantly recognizable. 

Bulls White Jersey

A very clean look this is a great jersey for any Dennis Rodman fan. It's more rare than the red version and harder to find. 

Rodman Pistons Jersey

A rare jersey but an excellent choice for his biggest fans that remember where it all started for Rodman on the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons. A great tribute to an era of gritty, tough basketball in the late 1980s.


The most popular option is the jersey number shirt, which is less expensive than a regular jersey and more suitable for casual wearing. We highly recommend grabbing one of these shirts as they provide excellent value and can be worn all year round. 

Rodman Bulls NBA Shirt

This is the classic Rodman t-shirt. Colored in Bulls red and includes Rodman on the back and his jersey number 91. It is an official NBA product and our top pick. 

Rodman Detroit T-shirt

This Pistons Bad Boys Dennis Rodman T-shirt is the original design from the 1989-1990 season. It features a full-chest, full-color screen print of Dennis Rodman. This shirt is great for anyone who loved the Bad Boys. 

Rodman's Ultimate Fan NWO T-Shirt

This is a high-quality T-shirt that celebrates his extracurricular work as a performer in WCW wrestling. It is a very affordable and unique shirt that will make any Rodman fan smile. His exploits in wrestling provided a lot of entertainment in the 1990s. 


We have something for everybody, from kids to adults, for NBA fans and others who just want a piece of history for a good price. Hoodies and Sweatshirts come in different sizes and colors.

Rodman Bulls Hockey Sweatshirt

A unique Rodman-inspired hockey jersey for the Chicago Bulls. This is fun option for anyone that loves basketball and hockey. 

Who You Are Holiday Rodman Hoodie

You can customize your Text Color, Product Type and Product Color. Great for a holiday gift.


Dennis Rodman "Bad as I Wanna Be" 12" Figure

For some fans, Rodman was almost a superhero and this is great for young or old fans. It's a hard to find collectible with limited inventory. 


Product Name
Stance Men's Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls Crew Socks
  • 56% Combed Cotton/37% Polyester/7% Spandex

  • Hand Wash

  • Good price for this quality


The best options for Dennis Rodman collectibles are reviewed and displayed below. These items can be placed on display and shown off within your home or kept safe somewhere while it increases in value. It all depends on your budget and preferences. These items also make perfect gifts for Dennis Rodman fans.


Bad As I Wanna Be

Dennis Rodman's famous autobiography which allowed us to understand him much better. Very provocative and full of crazy stories. A classic read that still entertains.

No Bull

The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman: Take a look at Dennis Rodman's life on and off the court, and prepare yourself to be shocked. From his earliest days with his mother and two sisters to his NBA championships, Dennis Rodman was fighting a huge battle with social norms. The book sheds a light on Rodman’s inner struggles.

I Should Be Dead Now

Looks at the life of one of America's most recognizable sports stars since he stopped playing in the NBA. This book talks about his marriage with Carmen Electra, alcohol problems and many other aspects of his life that made him famous off the court.

Dennis The Wild Bull

A kids book written by Rodman himself, dedicated to his own children.


Rodman Plush Figure

This is officially licensed by the NBA and the Chicago Bulls. A great gift for Rodman and Bulls fans.

''Double Team'' Movie

Entertain yourself and see Rodman in a different light from this classic movie. Together with big Hollywood names like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke he showed us another side of his talents.

''CUTAWAY'' Movie

Together with Tom Berenger and Stephen Baldwin, Dennis Rodman took centre stage in another Hollywood movie. It was released in 2000.

Rodman Bull's Diving Bobblehead

Special edition and a very cool NBA collectible based on his iconic diving for rebounds and any loose ball during NBA games.


Product Name
Rodman, Jordan, Pippen Bulls Print Art
  • Size 11x17 (inches)

  • The stylish poster is ready for framing and printed on high-quality photo paper.

Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Dennis Rodman Bulls 2 Card Collector Plaque w/8x10 Photo
  •  Size 8x10
  • 2 officially licensed cards

Starting Lineup 1996 Edition Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls Green Hair Version

If you are nostalgic about the 90s and NBA games from that era you can't miss this product. A great collectible and rare find that will increase in value over time.

1997 Dennis Rodman NBA Starting Lineup Figure red hair

Another rare item for collectors and Rodman fans. Features Dennis in his basketball stance. A budget friendly collectible.

Starting Lineup Dennis Rodman / Chicago Bulls 1998 NBA Action Figure

Comes together with a trading card. Displayed figure stands approximately 7 inches tall. Great for kids but also for collectors.

Rodman Horizontal Diving Photo

This signed photo is a great reminder of Rodman’s famous all-out effort and energy on the court.

1990 / 1991 Fleer Basketball Series Complete Mint Hand Collated 198 Card Set

This set includes a Rodman card from his early Pistons days which is hard to find. A great buy for anyone that loved this era of basketball.

We hope you enjoyed this detailed guide to products, gear, and collectibles for Dennis Rodman. He was one of the most unique NBA players ever, on and off the court. If there’s any Rodman products you think we should add let us know. You can contact us at [email protected]

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