Ultimate Peyton Manning Product Guide: Jerseys, Gear, Collectibles, and More

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Peyton Manning is considered one of the greatest players of all time after playing 18 seasons in the NFL from 1998 to 2015. Due to his massive fan following there’s a big variety of Manning related products available for sale.  BuySideSports has put together a very thorough list of the top products on the market such as jerseys, gears, collectibles and other items. The full list is reviewed and detailed below. Enjoy!


Let’s start from the beginning. This jersey is from the Indianapolis Colts, Manning’s first team. It’s a retro jersey from his first season. Although it’s a replica, it has all the details of his real first jersey. It’s great for anyone that was a fan of his entire career and especially loved his legendary years with the Colts.  

This jersey of Peyton Manning from his Denver Broncos era is also a great choice. It has his name stitched on the back and his famous number 18 on the front. While Manning played fewer years for the Broncos than the Colts, it was memorable due to his comeback from injury and his Super Bowl win. His years with Denver provided an incredible end to his long NFL career and included some of the most memorable Peyton Manning highlights

Lastly, you have the chance to get yourself an ultra rare piece of history with this jersey. It’s an autographed Tennessee Volunteers Orange jersey from Manning’s college career with the number 16 on the back. The price is high, but it’s an incredible piece of history. Manning was an excellent NCAA quarterback and had many big moments at Tennessee. 


If you are looking for a regular Peyton Manning shirt, then this is the one to get. This simple shirt is good for every fan and makes a great gift for anyone who loves Peyton Manning. It’s also more casual, so you can wear it anywhere. This type of shirt with the players team, numbers, and name on the back are very popular across all professional sports and can usually be found in all sizes from kids to adults. 

The second T-shirt celebrates Manning’s famous saying – the audible “Omaha!” You get his famous number 18 as well. The shirt is available in many colors.

This is another Manning T-shirt from the Denver Broncos, but this one is navy blue. It has his name and number 18 on the back. It’s a different style of the “jersey t-shirt” that’s very popular with sports fans. 

This is another Manning T-shirt, but from the Indianapolis Colts in their famous royal blue. It has his name and number 18 on the back and front. This type of shirt is more rare in the Colts version but it’s a great find and must-have if you loved that era of his NFL career. 

Now, if you like a good play on words, then you will love this shirt that says “It’s Manning Time!” and “The Champagne of Quarterbacks”. It is very funny and an original way to represent your love for Peyton Manning (and Miller beer). 

Another very cool shirt is this one with a nice design where you can see Manning yelling “Hurry Hurry” during games when he wanted to increase the tempo. This type of shirt is fun if you’re looking for a more unique and subtle way of celebrating Peyton Manning. 

If you are looking for a shirt from the Super Bowl, look no further. This shirt is from Manning’s last ever game, Super Bowl 50. The images on this shirt are from the game and all of the great moments from his Super Bowl win. These shirts are hard to find as the years go by from the Super Bowl. 

Again, here we have another short sleeve shirt with Manning’s famous “Omaha!” saying. It’s a clean design and fun way to pay tribute to Manning’s amazing career and famous audible. Manning was famous for having a good sense of humour including some memorable moments on Saturday Night Live, so this shirt is a fitting tribute. 


During Christmas, everyone loves to have their ugly Christmas sweater for events. This sweater is funny because it focuses on his famous “OMAHA!” audible he used during games. A unique and funny sweater for the holidays. 

Another ugly Christmas sweater is more “casual”, but ugly nonetheless. It looks more like the traditional football jersey with the name and number on the back. There’s no question this would be a memorable sweater for your next holiday party. 


The first hoodie on another product using Manning’s famous saying “Omaha!”  You see his famous number 18 as well on this hoodie. It’s a very comfortable hoodie and is available in multiple colors. There’s a lot of gear available with Manning’s favorite audible. 

“Got Peyton?” is written on this hoodie with Manning’s helmet and number in place of the “O”. It’s a comfortable hoodie and a fun way to show you’re a fan. 

This hoodie says “All Colts grow up to be Broncos”, making reference to when Manning decided to join the Broncos. Again, very casual and very comfortable hoodie that’s also original. A great find for Broncos fans that still appreciate his Super Bowl win. 


Peyton Manning is a legend of the game so there are many books written about him. He had a huge impact on the game of football and inspired a generation to strive for greatness. Here are the most highly rated Peyton Manning books on Amazon:

The Mannings: The Fall and Rise of a Football Family

This book is a New York Times Bestseller and will take you through the rich history of the most well-known football family. If you’re a fan of Manning, this is a must read. This book not only covers Peyton but the other members of his family as well. Any fan of Manning will want to read this book to understand where he comes from and how he became a legend. There's a lot more to Peyton's story and this book does a great job of digging deep into this life and family. 

Peyton Manning: The Inspirational Story of Football Superstar Peyton Manning

This book is an excellent book to relive memories of Peyton Manning’s career because it includes many photos. It displays both his career with the Colts and the Broncos in a scrapbook-style format, highlighting his best plays and years with both teams. It is very descriptive and detailed, so any fan will love this book.

Peyton Manning: The Football Legend. The Incredible True Story of One of Football’s Greatest Players

This book is great if you love stats and specific games. It contains stats from each season as well as stats from pivotal games in Manning’s career with the Colts and the Broncos. For diehard fans this book provides a fascinating glimpse into some of his most famous moments on the field. 

Peyton Manning: The Last Rodeo

This book focused on Manning’s career with the Broncos. It tells the incredible story of his magical comeback season and contains many details the public has not heard before. If you want to learn more about his seasons in Denver this is the book to get. 


Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos Poster

This is one of the most popular posters because of its affordable price and because it showcases his hears with the Broncos. It depicts him mid-throw and will remind you of the touchdowns he threw while in Denver. 

Peyton Manning Limited Poster Artwork - Professional Wall Art Merchandise

This piece of art is a bit more expensive than the rest and is not a regular poster. It’s a canvas printed on heavyweight matte wrapped around a wooden frame. This is great as a home decoration that could go on any wall in your house. 

Denver Broncos Peyton Manning Portrait Sports Print Art 11x17

Another nice portrait of Peyton Manning, this one is a bit more subtle and artistic. This is one of our faves for its simple and classic portray of Manning playing quarterback for the Broncos. 

Peyton Manning at Tennessee

Lastly, this is a poster from Manning’s career at Tennessee with the Volunteers. It’s a perfect piece of history to add to your collection. Every fan of his years in the NCAA will love it. 


This Bobblehead from Peyton Manning’s career in Denver is special because it reminds everyone of one of the greatest comebacks in sports history after an injury forced him to miss the previous season.
Here we have one of the best games of Manning’s career represented: his last game at Super Bowl 50.

Lastly, this Bobblehead is a fun one to have in your collection because it brings back the kid in you. It is also a great gift for any Manning fan and it can be seen as a fun accessory for your house as well. These Funko figures are a different take on the Bobblehead genre of collectibles, but have become very popular in the past few years. 


The first set of cards we recommend is this bundle set. It has cards from when he played at Tennessee, Indianapolis, and Denver. It’s great for fans who followed Manning throughout his entire football career because it has every team covered. Trading cards can be stored away, put on display, or even mounted in collections on your wall. They are having a resurgence in popularity and will likely increase in value in the coming years. 

Next, we have this special rookie card of Manning with the Colts. It’s a great piece of history to possess and add to your collection. It’s a rare find and a very cool card to own. 

Here is a limited edition trading card of Manning with the Colts with special packaging and a unique design. Some cards are sold with a case or protective cover included, for others you need to buy these items separately. Make sure you read the product description to understand what will be shipped to you. 


Autographed products are a different category of collectible and typically more expensive. The higher price is due to the limited quantities of signed items and the likelihood they will significantly increase in value. It’s important when looking at autographed products that you check the seller for authenticity. We only list items here from reliable and trustworthy retailers and individual sellers. 

The first autographed product is a Denver Broncos signed helmet. This is a dream item for every Manning fan but it’s not cheap. There are not many signed helmets on the market due to its size. 

Now, we have a special product. It’s a signed photo of a game during Manning’s career in Denver. A simple way to celebrate Manning’s incredible career.

This signed item from the Colts is very valuable and a rare find. If you have the budget it’s worth checking out. Also be sure check out our full list of the best signed Peyton Manning footballs currently available in the market. 

This is the end for our 2020 Ultimate Peyton Manning Guide, we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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