Top NBA Throwback Basketball Jerseys From The 1990s

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Photo By: John McDonough/Icon Sportswire

What are your top NBA throwback basketball jerseys from the 1990s? That was the era when Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets won back-to-back championships, the Magic Johnson era ended, and Vinsanity took the league by storm.

Whatever your favourite memories from that decade were, NBA throwback jerseys from the 1990s will help you reminisce and feel nostalgic. At BuySideSports, we’ve reviewed the most stylish and highest-quality vintage jerseys which will help you rep your team wherever you go. These threads are a bona fide slam dunk.


Shawn Kemp, Seattle SuperSonics

Do you remember “The Reign Man?” Shawn Kemp was one of the most ferocious dunkers of the 1990s. Kemp’s Seattle SuperSonics jersey exudes style from the inside out. The sleek Sonics green with white and yellow trim brings back memories of 1990s Emerald City basketball. This is one jersey which will summon your inner Reign Man and make you want to tear that rim off the backboard.

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish emerald green, white, and yellow colours
  • Rare – it’s hard to find NBA jerseys with this style and colour scheme
  • Durable and comfortable

Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls

Scottie Pippen was Michael Jordan’s sidekick on those Chicago Bulls championship teams. The former was one of the best two-way players in NBA history. Pippen’s 90s NBA throwback jersey is everything Bulls basketball and then some – the red color with black and white trim brings back memories of Scottie Pippen highlights and seeing him hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the Windy City. It’s durable and comfortable as well. What more can you ask for?

Why We Love It:

  • Simple yet stylish
  • Exudes excellence – brings back memories of those 1990s Bulls championship teams
  • A great tribute to the best sidekick in NBA history

Karl Malone, Utah Jazz

Who can ever forget Hot Rod Hundley’s famous “Stockton to Malone” line for Utah Jazz broadcasts on radio and TV? Malone throwing down a dunk after receiving a pass from Stockton was a thing of beauty. What made those moments more special? Those stylish Jazz throwback NBA jerseys with the Utah mountains in the background. No other NBA threads come close to capturing that rustic scenery. As for the Mailman, he always delivers.

Why We Love It:

  • Rustic Utah mountains in the background – one of the most stylish jerseys in NBA history
  • Purple, white, blue, and lavender mesh seamlessly
  • Durable jersey with comfortable fit

Penny Hardaway, Orlando Magic

Penny Hardaway was one point guard who can do it all. When he was in the zone, nobody could stop him. No wonder those Magic teams of the mid-90s were a force. Emulate Penny’s game with this slick classic throwback basketball jersey – the dominant blue colour and the famous Orlando Magic pinstripes give you that unmistakable vibe of Orlando. 

Why We Love It:

  • Distinguishable Orlando Magic pinstripes
  • Unmistakable Orlando vibe
  • Durable material

Shaquille O’Neal, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers

NBA centers in the 1990s feared Shaquille O’Neal more than any other big man. Who can blame them? His 7’1”, 325-lb. frame was just too much for opposing centers. Remember the time when he shattered a backboard in New Jersey? That’s the Shaq Attack for you.

O’Neal’s heyday was with the Orlando Magic. It bears repeating: this Magic jersey captures the essence of all things Orlando. Those pinstripes distinguished the Magic from other throwback NBA jerseys. As for Shaq’s Los Angeles Lakers jersey, its Purple and Gold colours epitomize excellence and the franchise’s 16 NBA titles. It’s also throwback to the Kobe and Shaq era, one of the best duos in NBA history!

Why We Love Them:

  • Magic pinstripes and Lakers Purple and Gold is about as stylish as it gets
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable fit

Michael Jordan: Chicago Bulls/North Carolina Tar Heels/Space Jam

Michael Jordan is arguably the best player in NBA history. His gravity-defying moves helped propel the Chicago Bulls to six titles in the 1990s. You can summon your inner Air Jordan with His Airness’ Bulls jersey. The dominant red color and black embroidery give you a feel of Jordan’s game.

Jordan’s vintage North Carolina Tar Heels jersey is another worthy addition to your throwback basketball jersey collection. The stylish powder blue and white colours and snug fit give you a feel of Jordan’s dominance in Chapel Hill.

Finally, Jordan’s Space Jam jersey is the epitome of style and simplicity – its blue and red trims mesh seamlessly with the dominant white. The durable material is also worth every penny.

Why We Love Them:

  • All three jerseys are simple yet stylish
  • MJ is the GOAT
  • Wide array of sizes which ensure the best fit

John Stockton, Utah Jazz

John Stockton was the premier passing point guard during the 1990s. He can rack up assists like no other playmaker. He and Karl Malone were the cornerstones of those Utah Jazz teams which gave the Chicago Bulls fits in the NBA Finals.

We already gave the Jazz’s purple classic NBA jersey with the mountain background major props. However, Stockton’s alternate jersey with the retro Jazz logo is also worth your while. Simply put, its style, fit, and material make it a great investment for any Utah die-hard.

Why We Love It:

  • Dominant purple color is bona fide eye candy
  • Rare: you will stand out from the crowd, for sure
  • Snug fit

Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks

When it came to the best dunkers of the 1990s, Dominique Wilkins gave Shawn Kemp and Michael Jordan a serious run for their money. The Human Highlight Film’s rim-rattling windmill dunks were a part of NBA lore.

Wilkins’ Atlanta Hawks 90s NBA jersey was one of the most stylish of that era. The “Hawks” team name on white background with the dominant red colour is all about that throwback NBA flair. Wear this jersey and flaunt your Hawks pride wherever you go.

Why We Love It:

  • Gets major style points for the colors and unique embroidery
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable fit

Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets

Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon had an arsenal of moves which befuddled opposing centers. His patented “Dream Shake” threw off countless big men during his era. Olajuwon’s play helped the Houston Rockets win back-to-back NBA titles in 1994 and 1995.

Olajuwon’s throwback NBA jersey dwells more on simplicity rather than flair – its red colour with yellow and white trims capture the essence of those Rockets championship teams. The material and fit also exceed our lofty expectations. Long story short, this jersey is a dream purchase.

Why We Love It:

  • A classic, rare jersey
  • Durable material

Gary Payton, Seattle SuperSonics

Gary Payton was a Seattle SuperSonics point guard who earned his paycheck with his stellar defense. Known as “The Glove,” Payton made stealing the basketball an art few would master. He also lobbed the basketball to Shawn Kemp for one of their nightly highlight reel alley-oops.

When you first lay eyes on Payton’s 90s NBA jersey, the lush green color gives you a refreshing feel of Seattle, The Emerald City. Simply put, this Sonics jersey is one of the best of the 1990s because of its design, material, and fit. It’s a great purchase.

Why We Love It:

  • Lush green colour for a unique look
  • You can represent of the best defensive players of the 90s
  • Durable material and comfortable fit

Grant Hill, Detroit Pistons

Had Grant Hill stayed healthy for most of his NBA career, he would’ve dominated the league for years. Nonetheless, Hill was one of the league’s high-wire acts of the 1990s. His spin moves and dunks were the stuff of legends.

Hill’s Detroit Pistons throwback NBA jersey gave Motor City basketball a unique identity – the fiery Pistons logo as well as the black, yellow, and red trims on turquoise background meshed beautifully. One look at this jersey, you know it has “Detroit” written all over it.

Why We Love It:

  • Unique Motor City design
  • Turquoise colour was a rarity among NBA teams

Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers

Reggie Miller was one of the premier deadeye shooters during the 1990s. His claim to fame was his eight points in nine seconds against the New York Knicks in the 1994 NBA playoffs. He also helped the Pacers become perennial title contenders in the 1990s.

Miller’s Pacers Flo-Jo jersey derived its name from its designer, legendary track and field star Florence Griffith-Joyner. Some consider it as the best jersey in franchise history because of its unique white and yellow embroidery on a dominant dark blue background. When you put this jersey on, it will feel like Miller Time all over again.

Why We Love It:

  • Incredible design and embroidery
  • Durable material


Make sure to consider the criteria below when buying classic NBA jerseys:

  • First decision – Stylish or Not: The 1990s was all about flair and style. Remember, this was the decade which transitioned into the new century. If you want your 90s NBA throwback basketball jersey to reflect the spirit of that decade, think about that era’s in-demand styles – slick yet simple. They’re eye-catching without being outlandish. Long story short, they capture the 90s vibes of the cities they represent.
  • Second decision – Comfortable or Not: No matter how stylish your throwback NBA jersey is, you can’t flaunt your team spirit if you don’t feel comfortable. Say, you’re a big fan of Penny Hardaway’s 1990s Orlando Magic jersey. Unfortunately, stocks are low and you settle for a jersey which is two sizes larger. Out of desperation, you buy the item. Despite not being a fan of the hip-hop lifestyle, you wear it anyway. We get it – NBA jerseys are a great investment. However, be true to yourself. Why buy something you’re not comfortable wearing?
  • Third decision –Durable or Not: You just purchased a classic NBA jersey which is stylish and comfortable. Not so fast. Make sure your jersey is durable. Fake jerseys typically don’t wash well. Their colours will also wear out sooner than later. To ensure your 90s NBA jersey is authentic, make sure the official NBA logo hologram has multiple shiny colors. Authenticity translates to durability. A durable 90s NBA jersey will stand the test of time and endless trips to the washing machine and dryer.


The following are personal preferences you may want to consider before buying your throwback NBA jersey. We know you’re loyal to your NBA team. However, we also know you prefer a certain jersey style for your home squad to another. Bottom line: be yourself. Flaunt your NBA team’s colours the only way you know how.

  • Color: NBA jerseys typically come in home (usually white), road (the dark version), and alternate colours. Some folks gravitate toward the road jerseys since the home whites tend to get dirtier easily – one tiny splatter of dirt is enough to catch the eye of casual onlookers. On the flip side, some fans prefer the home whites because they can relate to the time when their team was playing home games. Thus, jersey colour boils down to personal preference.

  • Brands: Some people prefer Nike jerseys. On the other hand, some prefer Adidas or NBA Hardcourt Classics. Some fans aren’t particular about a classic NBA jersey’s brand at all. If you’ve been following a certain brand for years, try sticking to it. If you’re not brand conscious, listen to your gut. Better yet, try following our buying decision guide.


The Top NBA throwback basketball jerseys from the 1990s are a colourful smorgasbord which is eye candy for any die-hard fan of the game. Not only that, but they give you that nostalgic feel every time you wear them. They bring back so many good memories of 1990s NBA basketball. Nothing beats that feeling.

In the end, Michael Jordan emerged king of the 90s NBA jerseys. His Airness reigns supreme in this department many years after he hung up his sneakers. That says a lot about MJ’s incredible market appeal to this very day.

Nonetheless, the other throwback NBA jerseys we featured are also surefire winners. These threads are timeless investments that the next generations of basketball fans should know about.