Top 10 NBA Basketball Socks 2021

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Updated January 26, 2021

Finding a cool pair of NBA player basketball socks is a fun and subtle way of repping your favourite team or player. You can wear them casually or while playing basketball, it’s completely up to you. Player basketball socks have exploded in popularity recently so we’ve put together our top 10 list for 2021.

PKWY NBA Unisex 1-Pack Pins Player Crew Socks Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson just entered the NBA this season after playing one year at Duke, but he still managed to capture everybody’s attention and imagination. It’s no wonder that after just 6 months in the NBA he already has a massive following. PKWY Zion socks are made of 92% polyester and have a really beautiful design. They can be used for playing sports or working out and they look very cool. They may even cause you to jump like Zion! (kidding)

Why We Love It:

  • Very cool design
  • High quality and durable

Stance Men's Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls Crew Socks

The 1990s Chicago Bulls are one of the most successful and popular NBA teams to ever play. Dennis Rodman played a huge role in helping them win their second three-peat and is one of the most famous athletes from that era (some might say infamous). These NBA socks have one of his iconic rebounding images and will catch the eye of every Bulls fan. They are made by Stance, a reputable brand, and are made out of 56% combed cotton and 37% polyester.

Why We Love It:

  • Unique, throwback NBA sock from a memorable 1990s NBA player.
  • Good price.
  • Famous shot of Dennis Rodman rebounding.

Under Armour Men's Basketball Curry Crew Socks

When you’re looking at NBA player socks bearing the names of the most revered basketball players of all time, you’ll typically have several pairs to choose from. For Steph Curry we’ve picked two different pairs. The first is official Under Armour men’s basketball socks that he wears when on the court. They include SC Curry logo and come in a number of different sizes. They are made out of a polyester and nylon mix with ergonomic contour and cushions that will enable you perform at your best on the court.

Our second pick is a more casual Steph Curry sock. This two-pack is affordably priced and both pairs have great images of Curry shooting.

Why We Love It:

  • High-quality athletic sock from Under Armour
  • Great design and price for the more casual pair

Nike Elite Crew LeBron James Dri-Fit Basketball Socks Black/University Red

Another pair of very popular NBA player basketball socks from Nike. These LeBron James socks are an excellent pair for playing basketball or other sports. They have a subtle style and include both the Nike logo and LeBron king logo. Even though they are pricey, you know that you’re getting top-quality socks for the money you’re paying.

Since LeBron is arguable the most popular NBA player right now, we’ve also included a more stylish and casual option for LeBron fans. This pair has a cartoonish rendering of him performing one of his famous celebrations after making a big shot. We love this pair! They are made by Stance so we know they’re high quality.

Forever Fanatics LeBron James #23 Basketball Crew Socks ✓ Pack of 2

Why We Love It:

  • You can play basketball in the same Nike socks LeBron wears.
  • Great image of LeBron celebrating a big shot in his Lakers uniform.

Milwaukee Bucks Youth Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 Green Jersey Socks

The Greek Freak is the reigning MVP and now a household name. These NBA basketball socks are made to represent him and his team the Milwaukee Bucks. They are sturdy and well-built to perform on the court and have a good price. Every Giannis fan should check these out. 

Why We Love It:

  • Nice low-key design.
  • High-quality NBA player sock

Jordan Jumpman 3-Pack Crew Socks Mens Style: SX5545-013

When it comes to the NBA GOAT Michael Jordan you can pick and choose from tons of different options for socks. But we decided to pick these two pairs of socks as they represent his Air Jordan brand with Nike as well as more colourful options. First we have the original Jordan Jumpman sports socks from Nike, which are meant for everyday and athletic use on the court. They come in many different variations, colours, and sizes. The second pair is a beautifully designed sock with images from his playing days and NBA championships with the Bulls.

Why We Love It:

  • High-quality Nike socks for performance from his personal Nike Jumpman brand.
  • Great pair of fan socks that celebrate memorable moments in his career.

Kyrie Irving Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew

Another superstar player with lots of fans and many sock choices. If you’re looking for the graphic socks with his picture on it, DLAZANA Kyrie Irving Sports Socks are a perfect buy for you. They are not as high quality other pairs, but they will do the job for everyday normal use. If you want to open up your wallet and buy high-quality socks, then you should consider the Nike’s Elite Basketball. These have Kyrie’s logo on them and have all of the latest Nike sock benefits.

Why We Love It:

  • Great range of Nike socks to choose from, both in design and size.
  • DLAZANA socks have a great graphic design.

PKWY Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets #7 Unisex

Kevin Durant is a true superstar and one of the best players in the NBA. If you’re looking for a pair with a unique design, you can choose PKWY’s NBA player socks and if you’re looking for sports performance socks, Nike’s Elite Basketball Medium Gridiron Signal is the right pair for you.

Why We Love It:

  • Great price/quality ratio
  • A beautiful design of both pairs of socks.

PKWY NBA Unisex 1-Pack Pins Player Crew Socks - James Harden

Same as the other NBA player socks from this brand in our list, these basketball socks stand out for their beautiful design. If you’re a James Harden fan you’ll love these. They are quality made and intended for everyday use.

Why We Love It:

  • Beautiful design and all-round quality.
  • Great price for a player sock.

Kobe Bryant 24 Socks

We finish off this list with a true legend of basketball. Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to generations of kids and many current NBA superstars. There’s tons of products and merchandise on the market to honor him, and this pair we’ve chosen is our favorite.

Why We Love It:

  • It’s Kobe and he’s a legend.
  • Cool design that honours his career with the Lakers.

Stance NBA Men Damian Lillard Socks

Every Damian Lillard fan needs to buy a pair of these socks. They show him rising up for a jump shot during a home game. These socks sell out fast and are rarely available so don’t wait. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great action shot of Damian Lillard shooting a three pointer

PKWY NBA Dwyane Wade Miami Heat SLAM Cover Socks

This is one of the coolest pairs of socks on our list. They feature Dwyane Wade from the Miami Heat in his Miami Vice themed jersey on the cover of SLAM magazine The colors of the socks match the pastel Miami Vice theme. Every die hard Wade fan needs a pair of these. 

Why We Love It:

  • Miami Vice theme is one of the best NBA jerseys ever made

PKWY NBA Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers SLAM Cover Crew Socks

This is another pair showing a basketball legend on the cover of SLAM magazine. It’s Allen Iverson this time in an iconic photo. These SLAM inspired socks from Stance are a must-have. 

Why We Love It:

  • Awesome image of Allen Iverson

Stance - Mens Pippen Trading Card Socks

These Scottie Pippen socks show an image of the Chicago Bulls legend heading to the hoop for a dunk. It’s hard to find Pippen socks they are rarely in stock so grab a pair before they’re gone. 

Why We Love It:

  • We can’t get enough of The Last Dance

PKWY NBA mens Pins Crew Sock

A great pair of socks for Luka Doncic fans that can be worn with any outfit. The style of these socks is a bit different than most pairs that made our list.  One of our favorites due to the cool design and colours. 

Why We Love It:

  • A sweet pair of socks for one of the best young players in the NBA

What To Consider When Buying NBA Player Socks

There are certain things you should think about when you’re browsing for NBA player socks:

– The Player!

Let’s face it, what matters most is getting a pair of socks that rep one of your favorite players. For most superstar players you’ll see many options and styles. For throwbacks or former players like Dennis Rodman the selection will be more limited.

– Athletic or Style

If you’re planning to play basketball in your socks pick a pair that’s thick from one of the big apparel brands. Look for wool or cotton materials that allow for your feet to breathe easily and will be durable. If you just want to wear the socks casually and for style, you can choose a thinner material that will be more breathable for walking around.

– The Quality

When you’re buying socks you should always consider the price and quality. Read the reviews and look at the ratings. If it’s a brand you haven’t heard of don’t worry, there are many specialty brands that focus just on NBA player socks that offer high quality products.


We hope that this article has helped you find some cool socks and introduced to the amazing selection of NBA player socks that are available. We had a lot of fun picking our top 10 and we hope you had fun reading it.