Top Dennis Rodman Highlight Videos on YouTube

Dennis Rodman
Photo By: John Biever/SI/Icon Sportswire
Updated December 8, 2020

NBA star Dennis Rodman might be the epitome of craziness with the constant controversy surrounding most of his public appearances. He rocked crazy outfits and hair colour, was fearless on the court, and visited North Korea in 2013 and befriended the North Korean Leader King Jong-un.

Some of his actions over the years have distracted from his extraordinary basketball accomplishments. A 5 time NBA Champion and 2 time NBA Defensive Player of The Year, he was an absolute defensive genius. He gave his all for every loose ball and he’s known as quite possibly the best rebounder ever in the NBA.

To honor his extraordinary legacy, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 6 best Dennis Rodman videos we found showcasing his career highlights. Check it out below!

Top Dennis Rodman Highlights

During his run with the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman was faced with a difficult task: guarding Shaquille O’Neal. Due to his size and toughness, Shaq used to bully his opponents in the paint with pure strength that made it easy for him to score. However, The Worm wasn’t having any of that.

In this video, you can see how Rodman managed to shut him down with Shaq scoring 0 points in the second half and OT, with 0/3 FG. On one occasion, Shaq mentioned that Dennis Rodman was the strongest defender he ever had to go up against!

The duel between Karl Malone from the Utah Jazz and Dennis Rodman from Chicago Bulls was the spark that really embodies the high spirit and stakes of the NBA playoffs. This video is from the sixth game of the NBA Finals in 1998. The fight doesn’t look to be that serious and even looks funny to a degree.

However, the fight was just the culmination of the intense battle between Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman, usually in the Bulls’ paint. This is where Dennis Rodman got to portray his natural endurance and endless energy. 

It was the golden age of the Chicago Bulls. Just imagine Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen battling together! In this game, the Bulls had to rely entirely on Jordan’s offence, due to Scottie Pippen’s injury. They went on to secure the title in this game, making it their sixth championship title in 8 years.

If you’re looking for a highlight video of their duels, check out this one!

Rodman wanted it more than anyone else on the court and some of his best performances were during the NBA finals. He thrived under pressure and and always came through. In 1988, during his celebrated spell with the Detroit Pistons, he managed to shut down Magic Johnson completely, allowing him only a single field goall!

Apart from Johnson, he also guarded Kareem, Worthy, and Thompson during the game. Along with Magic Johnson, that makes four #1 draft picks in the same game. He guarded players regardless of their pace, height, strength, and position. An interesting thing is that he wasn’t even a starter. It was his second season with the Pistons and he was still coming off the bench.

It’s safe to say that Dennis Rodman didn’t like playing by the rules. Sometimes the opposition suffered because of it and sometime we were able to get a good laugh. He was a showman and he definitely had his share of funny moments during his long and successful career.

Here is a compilation of some of his more amusing moments. The first video says it all: Rodman airballs the first free throw, closes his eyes and laughs through the second one (and misses again), grabs the rebound, shoots a three-pointer and manages to retrieve the ball again!

After having a laugh at some of his on-court moments, it’s time to pay our respect to one of the greatest defensive players in the NBA of all time. In our opinion, there is no better way to do it than by watching a three-minute compilation of Rodman absolutely owning everyone in the paint!

This video features some of his most amazing blocks and hustle rebounds during his long career. He had a habit of kicking out his legs when he caught a rebound and displaying his crazy athleticism. 


Dennis Rodman is an NBA legend and his legacy continues to live on. Dennis Rodman’s plays on defense are unmatched. He was strong, athletic, and motivated in every game he played, making him one of the best rebounders and defensive players in the NBA history. We hope you’ve enjoyed the videos we’ve attached and we hope his contribution to the art of rebounding will never be forgotten!