Top 10 Surprising Steph Curry Facts

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Updated December 10, 2021

10 Surprising Facts About Steph Curry

NBA legend Steph Curry is probably the greatest shooter of all time. Leading Golden State to 3 titles in 4 seasons, he was also the first unanimous MVP in NBA history while leading the NBA in points per game and shooting above the historic mark of 50-40-90.  His legendary career has made him a household name and global superstar. Here are some incredible Steph Curry facts you’ve likely never heard before.

Curry Was Born in the Same Hospital as Lebron James

Interestingly enough, the two rivals who fought in four straight finals were both born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio. When Curry was born, his father, Dell Curry, was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Steph Curry spent most of his childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina because his Dad was chosen by the new expansion team, the Charlotte Hornets. It’s still amazing to realize that both James and Curry were born in the same building.

His Parents are Both Former Athletes

Steph probably got his love of basketball from his father, but he also owes his success and athletic abilities to his mother, who was also a sports star. His father played 16 seasons in the NBA with the Jazz, the Cavaliers, the Hornets, the Bucks, and the Raptors. HIs mother, Sonya Curry, played college volleyball at Virginia Tech and she was very good at it. Looks like elite athleticism runs in the family!

Steph Curry Has The 3-Point Record in Both the NCAA and the NBA

Before Steph Curry was recognized as the greatest shooter of all-time, he played under the radar at Davidson. Along with setting the NBA record for most threes in a season with 402 in the 2015-2016 season, he also set the record for most threes in a season in the NCAA at Davidson with 162 3-pointers made. This record proved to be only a glimpse at what Steph Curry was capable of in the NBA.

Curry Was Once in a Burger King Commercial

Steph Curry was a star early in his life as he starred in not one, but two Burger King commercials as a child. Now, Stephen Curry is in multiple commercials as an NBA star, but it’s funny to see that he was in a fast food commercial early on his life as a son of a basketball player.

Stephen Curry is Only Player to Win Unanimous MVP

Steph Curry is the only player in NBA history to win the MVP award unanimously. He did so by shooting above the magical 50-40-90 stat line and leading the Warriors to a record 73-win season, beating the mark set by the Bulls in 1995-1996. He also led the NBA in scoring with 30.6 ppg. Finally, that year, he broke the NBA 3-point season record with 402. Needless to say, he deserved that MVP because of his spectacular play and his leadership.

The Reason Curry Chews His Mouthguard

Whenever you see Curry walking to the free throw line, you can see him pull out his mouthguard and chew it. It might seem a bit irritating to some people, including his mother, but Steph thinks otherwise. In fact, he says that when he doesn’t chew on his mouthguard, his free throw percentage drops by almost 2%.

The Reason Curry Wears Number 30

The reason why Steph Curry wears the number 30 on his jersey is because of his father Dell Curry. His father wore number 30 during his NBA career, so Steph wanted to be like his father and wear the same number. H wasn’t able to wear number 30 in high school because’s his team’s jersey in that number was too big for him!

Curry is Married to Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry is a famous chef and a cookbook author. She was involved in cooking shows at home and in studio for the Food Network and ABC. She was also an actress early on in her life. At 12 years old, she got her first role in the music video of “Too Young To Love” by Suga Prince.

Nike Wasn’t Ready To Pay Steph Curry

Steph Curry began his NBA career with Nike shoes for 4 straight years before making the leap to Under Armour. Surprisingly enough, Nike was not ready to offer Steph Curry more money than Under Armour because they did not think that Steph was going to be a big time player and a star in the NBA. Big mistake by Nike! Instead, Under Armour offered Steph a more lucrative deal and he never looked back.

Curry Made a Cameo Appearance in Family Guy

In an episode of the famous TV cartoon Family Guy, Steph made an appearance in one of the episodes. This cameo was to specifically mock his postgame press conference with his daughter Riley, who was portrayed by Peter Griffin.


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