Scottie Pippen Rookie Card & More Buying Guide

Updated July 26, 2021

Michael Jordan’s famous sidekick Scottie Pippen had an incredible career. Playing with Chicago he won six titles with Jordan and went on to become one of the top players in NBA history. It’s no surprise that Scottie Pippen rookie cards and other basketball cards are a hot commodity. 

Scottie Pippen Rookie Cards

Selected by Seattle during the the 1987 NBA draft, Pippen ended up quickly traded to the Chicago Bulls. From there he went on to become an NBA legend. Below are the best Scottie Pippen rookie cards.

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Scottie Pippen Rookie Card 1988-89 Fleer #20 - Most Valuable Pippen Card!

The most valuable Scottie Pippen rookie card and a must-have for NBA basketball card collectors. It’s affordably priced making it more attractive to casual collectors and fans. If you're in the market for the best Scottie Pippen card we highly recommend this one. If you click the red PRICE button you'll see the current inventory for sale across the market for this specific card. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great price for a high grade card
  • Rare and hard to find - very few for sale

Scottie Pippen Basketball Cards

In this section, we are going to present the best non-rookie Scottie Pippen cards available to buy. There are plenty of cards to choose from and a wide range of prices. Being one of the top players of his era guarantees a good selection of cards have been released over the years.

Scottie Pippen Basketball Card - Fleer 1989

If you're a casual collector or shopping on a budget, this ungraded Scottie Pippen basketball card can't be beat. Available for less than $50, this Pippen card from early in his NBA career provides great value. Click the red PRICE button to see the current list of inventory for this card. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great low price and high value card
  • From 1989 - early in Pippen's NBA career

Scottie Pippen Basketball Cards - Topps

There are a ton of Scottie Pippen basketball cards made by Topps over the years. The blue refractor card shown here provides a great example of a popular Topps card. Click the red PRICE button to see the complete of Topps Pippen cards across all gradings and price points. 

Why We Love It:

  • One of the biggest basketball card brands
  • Next best card after a Scottie Pippen rookie card!

Scottie Pippen Basketball Card - 1998-99 Upper Deck Encore Driving Forces - PSA 9

This card from Pippen’s season with the Rockets has a mid-range price. In ideal condition, buying this card provides a great addition to any Scottie Pippen sports card collection.

Why We Love It:

  • Good price and high value
  • Houston Rockets cards are hard to find and rare

Scottie Pippen Card - 1999-00 Upper Deck Exclusives #277 - PSA 10 Graded Card

The best card we found for Pippen's years with the Portland Trailblazers. For sale at a good price considering it's graded a perfect 10. Portland cards are hard to find for Scottie, so if you've been looking for one go grab it! 

Why We Love It:

  • Best Portland card we found
  • Great action shot of Pippen

Scottie Pippen Card Sets

This list contains sets of spots cards you can buy that include a Scottie Pippen card. Buying a set is the perfect way to add a ton of valuable cards all at once, especially if you’re just starting out as a collector.

1993 Fleer Ultra Framed Uncut Card Sheet Scottie Pippen Basketball Card with Karl Malone Reggie Miller

The stars featured in this set should be enough to convince you to buy it. These were the top players of the era and Pippen is included. It’s a low-priced set, great for beginning collectors. Again, if a Scottie Pippen rookie card is out of your price range this collection provides great value. 

Why We Love It:

  • Tons of NBA stars all in one collection
  • Great value - much less expensive than a Scottie Pippen rookie card

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Scottie Pippen rookie cards and other Pippen basketball cards. Get in touch with us and let us know if you have any questions at [email protected].

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