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LeBron James shoes
Updated February 17, 2021

The Best LeBron James Shoes For Sale

One of the longest running and most successful basketball shoe lines is the LeBron James series from Nike. Below we’ve reviewed the three Lebron James shoe styles currently for sale with links to the best pricing and deals.  

The shoes are listed by release date starting with the main Nike LeBron line and then covering the Witness and Soldier editions. We also list the most recent and popular Nike Lebron Low releases. 

We’ve done all the work for you and make finding the best Lebron shoes easy. Our team checks for new stock daily and will add reviews and links here right away. 


The Nike Lebron 18 first hit stores in Sept 2020 and carried forward the traditional style and profile of this popular shoe line.  Nike stated that the performance focus for the 18 was responsiveness and cushioning. We will add more Lebron 18 links as new colorways arrive. If you’re looking to save a few dollars you may want to scroll down to the Lebron 17 and 16 reviews. 

>>> We’ve listed the best Nike Lebron 18 editions below. You can see the full selection of Lebron 18 shoes by following our custom link to Amazon.com

Nike Lebron 18 - Lakers Purple and Gold

We love the LeBron 18 in Lakers colors, there's no better way to celebrate his fourth NBA title. The purple and gold is blended together perfectly with black for an understated but memorable colorway. If you're shopping for a Lebron 18 this is our top pick - they are selling out fast don't wait! 

>>> Shopping for your kids? Also available in Youth Sizes.

Why We Love It:

  • The Lakers purple and gold look awesome
  • Our favorite Nike Lebron 18 (so far)

Nike Lebron 18 - Los Angeles By Day

Sticking with the Los Angeles theme, this pair celebrates LA by day. This "Light Cream" shoe looks fantastic, and provides another way to celebrate Lebron's success with the Lakers.  Our favorite light colored Lebron 18. 

Why We Love It:

  • Nike keeps dedicating Lebron 18s to LA and we're here for it
  • A great looking light colored shoe - a can't miss colorway

Nike LeBron 18 - Los Angeles

We had to include this pink pair of Lebron 18s. Yet another salute to The King's reign as a Laker, this pair represents LA nights. Pink has become a popular basketball shoe color and provides a unique and stylish look. 

>>> Looking for the Lebron 18 Low? The first edition arrives in stores Spring 2021, we'll post a review and a link as soon as they arrive. 

Why We Love It:

  • Rare chance to buy a stylish pink Lebron shoe
  • Honors LeBron as a Laker


A huge hit in the sneaker market, the LeBron 17 is one of his best ever releases from the Nike LeBron line. We’ve listed our top three picks below and you can follow our custom link to see the full inventory of LeBron 17s for sale. 

Nike LeBron 17 - University Red "UpTempo"

This red LeBron 17 was inspired by Scottie Pippen's Nike Air Uptempo and we absolutely love it. Nothing beats a black and red basketball shoe and the fact that it celebrates a famous Bulls legend makes it even better. Prices have come down - don't wait if you like this pair! 

Why We Love It:

  • Inspired by the famous Nike Air Uptempo line from the 90s
  • Our favorite basketball shoe color combo - black and red

Nike LeBron 17 - Black "Currency"

Released in late 2019, the "Currency" Nike Lebron 17 honors his global lifestyle and worldwide appeal. This mostly black shoe has a quieter look than many of the other 17 releases with a (money) green swoosh and purple outsole. The sole also contains money symbols from different currencies around the world. 

Why We Love It:

  • The colors are more subtle than many 17s
  • Honors Lebron's global status as a superstar

Nike LeBron 17 - White "Command Force"

Another sweet pair of Lebron 17s, we had to include this very clean looking light colorway in our list. Lebron loves to honor old school Nike basketball shoes and the Command Force line from the early 90s gets special treatment here. David Robinson wore Command Force Nike's as well as Woody Harrelson's character in the movie White Men Can't Jump

Why We Love It:

  • Very stylish light colored shoe from the Lebron 17 line
  • Special nod to the classic basketball movie White Men Can't Jump


Nike LeBron 17 Low

The Nike LeBron 17 became a huge hit partly due to the design of the Low version. The 17 Low has a stylish profile and each colorway release quickly sold out. If you prefer a low cut shoe this is best LeBron shoe on the market. We highly recommend checking out the complete Lebron 17 Low inventory including black, grey, cream, red & black and many other popular colors. Some great deals available! 

Why We Love It:

  • One of our favorite Low profile basketball shoes form the past few years
  • Great selection of inventory and colors available


One of the best ways to find deals on LeBron basketball shoes is to hunt around for previous releases. The Nike Lebron 16 fits this profile and we’ve listed one of the best sources below. If you like the look of the 16 we highly recommend checking out the full list of Lebron 16 inventory at Amazon.com. 

Nike LeBron 16 - 5+ Colors Available

We found a great seller on Amazon with deep inventory of LeBron 16s available in multiple colors. You'll see black and white, Lakers colors, and many more. There are some great deals - so if you like this shoe pick up a pair today! 

Why We Love It:

  • Great selection of LeBron 16s in multiple colors


The Nike LeBron line we reviewed above is a premium basketball shoe that retails at a high price point. If you’re looking for something less expensive we highly recommend looking at the LeBron Witness series. They are less expensive but still high quality. 

>>> See the full inventory at guaranteed low prices by following our custom link to Nike LeBron Witness Shoes at Amazon.com. 

LeBron Witness 4 - Pick From 5+ Colors

You can choose from several different colors by clicking the red Price button above. This is a great shoe that's priced lower than the other LeBron lines from Nike. The Witness 5 recently hit stores so you'll find great deals if you shop for the Witness 4. 

Why We Love It:

  • Quality Nike LeBron basketball shoe at low price point
  • You'll find great discounts and deals for the Witness 4


The Nike LeBron Soldier shoe gets an update every NBA off-season when LeBron goes to work preparing for the next season. The most distinct characteristic of the Soldier is the two strong Velcro straps that replace traditional laces. While primarily targeted at kids, you can find the odd Soldier colorway in adult sizes. 

>>> See the full inventory at guaranteed low prices by following our custom link to Nike LeBron Soldier Shoes at Amazon.com. 

LeBron Soldier 13 YOUTH - Pick From 5+ Colors

A great youth shoe due to the velcro straps replacing laces, you can find tons of good prices and selection available for the Soldier 13. Each release in this series has built on the velcro strap feature. Some of the older models had issues with the straps staying secure but this has been solved with the 13. 

Why We Love It:

  • Tons of selection in youth and little kids sizes
  • No laces to deal with - just strap them up and hit the court!

Top 3 LeBron James Shoes For Sale

Our top 3 LeBron James shoes are below. You can’t go wrong buying a LeBron basketball shoe, it’s one of the most successful lines every created. We will update this page soon when the Witness 5 hits mass retail. You can send feedback and questions to [email protected].

>>> If you want to see the full inventory of all LeBron shoes available for sale follow our live link to ALL LeBron James shoes at Amazon.com and the Official NBA Store.


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