Kobe Bryant Body Armor Sports Drink Buying Guide

Kobe Body Armor
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Updated February 19, 2021

Kobe Bryant Body Armor Sports Drink Deals

Body Armor is a growing brand in the sports drink market and has publicly stated they are going after Gatorade. One of the company’s first backers was Kobe Bryant who invested $6 Million back in 2012. Kobe Bryant’s Body Armor ads and social media postings were instrumental in creating awareness and early sales.

Right now there are deals on Body Armor and you can pick up multi packs at very good prices. We recommend trying the 24 pack that comes with a variety of flavors:

Kobe Bryant Body Armor Superdrink Variety Pack,( 8 Flavors ), 16 Ounce Bottles, 24 Pack, Assorted

You can also get deals on 20 packs of the four most popular flavors - Fruit Punch, Banana Strawberry, Watermelon Strawberry, and Orange Mango. The 20 pack is also available in the Body Armor Lyte version, with no sugar and less than 20 calories in a bottle.

Kobe Bryant BodyArmor Sport Drink Variety Pack 4 Flavors Bottles (Pack Of 20) 16 Fl Oz, 320 Fl. Oz

The CEO of Body Armor has stated many times that Kobe was one of the biggest reasons for the brand’s success. He got to know Bryant well and was devastated when he passed away in January 2020. He believes that Kobe’s impact on Body Armor is similar to the impact Michael Jordan had on building Gatorade into a global brand.

Body Armor has added many new athlete endorsers such as James Harden, Mike Trout, Christian McCaffrey, Ja Morant, Donavan Mitchell, Baker Mayfield, Trae Young, and Kemba Walker.

Body Armor’s goal is to outsell Gatorade by 2025. They currently have 7% of the sports drink market and Gatorade has 70%. With recent deals signed with the MLS, UFC, and the U.S. Open, as well as regular additions to their athlete lists, it will be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

Kobe was fully involved with the marketing and branding of Body Armor. Check out this TV ad from 2018 that he created and narrated.