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Updated April 26, 2021

Introduction - John Elway Book

Denver Broncos legend John Elway is one of the most popular quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. There have been many John Elway books released over the years but the best and most comprehensive was published in September 2020. It’s written by Jason Cole and it covers Elway’s entire life on and off the field. It’s a fantastic and entertaining book full of great stories from his college years at Stanford all the way to his current role as GM and President of the Broncos.

Elway: A Relentless Life

It received very positive reviews on from both die-hard Elway fans as well as casual sports fans. The author Jason Cole has a talent for weaving together stories from different parts of Elway’s life. This book is hard to put down and it’s a must-have for every Broncos fan. We loved reliving Elway’s NFL career and the long road that led to back to back Super Bowl wins in 1998 and 1999.

The book details the difficulties and tragedy he endured after retiring from the NFL. His road back to the Broncos was not easy. The first chapter starts with Elway nervously preparing for a dinner with the Broncos owner to finalize details on his return. After a few pages you’re hooked and we guarantee you’ll enjoy the entire read.

To see the complete selection of John Elway books published over the years you can follow this link to the full list.

Elway book - More Details

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 For those of you in the mood to relive the Broncos glory years, check out this video from NFL Films about John Elway. It’s narrated in his own words and covers his entire football career.


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