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Updated October 13, 2023

The Best James Harden Shoes For Sale

NBA superstar James Harden is one of the best scorers to ever play in the NBA. His offensive moves are incredible to watch and unstoppable. He signed a massive shoe deal with Adidas back in 2015 which has led to a very successful signature line of shoes.  Below we review the best James Harden shoes from each release with links to buy.  Impact-Site-Verification: -683190964

The shoes are listed by release date, starting with the Harden Vol 4. The Harden Vol 5 hits stores in early 2021, check back here for a full review soon. 

>>> Our focus is on Adidas James Harden shoes that can be purchased today at affordable prices. If you’re looking for rare or collectible editions we recommend visiting StockX. 


The Harden Volume 4 arrived in October 2019. It provided a brand new style and a number of changes from prior editions. One of the bigger changes occurred in the cushioning, where the standard Boost cushioning was replaced with the the new Lightstrike system. Adidas also added improvements aimed at amping up the overall responsiveness and performance of this shoe. 

We’ve listed the best Harden Vol 4 editions below. You can see the full selection of Harden Vol 4 shoes by following our custom links to the NBA Store and Amazon.com

James Harden Vol 4 "Barbershop"

Part of the first 4-pack release of the Harden Vol. 4, the "Barbershop" version became a big hit. The colors reflect a spinning barbershop poll with blue, red, and white mixed into a primarily black shoe. This classic from the Vol. 4 line still has good inventory and sizes available. Click our product link for the best pricing. 

Why We Love It:

  • The "Barbershop" colors provide a stylish look
  • Included in the 4-pack of colors that launched the Vol 4

James Harden Vol 4 "Black White"

One of our favorite all-time James Harden shoe releases, the "Black White" is a stylish shoe that will look awesome on or off the court. It has the classic Vol. 4 low profile look with a simple base color of black and a white strip in the Upper. This shoe is a must-have for Harden fans. 

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish back and white colorway
  • One of our favorite all-time Harden shoes

James Harden Vol 4 "Power Red"

No list is complete without including a black and red edition. One of the all-time most popular colorways for any basketball shoe, the Vol 4 "Power Red" looks awesome. It was released in late 2019 and shows off the Houston Rockets main colors. If you like this shoe act fast! Some sizes are sold out and won't be restocked. 

Why We Love It:

  • Classic black and red colorway
  • Great tribute to Harden's dominance as a Houston Rocket

James Harden Vol 4 "Spitfire"

Released in early 2020, the Harden Vol. 4 "Spitfire" combines red, yellow and grey. It's a unique colorway that will stand out on the court or on the street. Available in tons of sizes at affordable prices. 

Why We Love It:

  • Available in all sizes under $100 - great value
  • Unique set of colors

James Harden Vol 4 "Dynasty"

Released in September 2020, this edition of the Vol 4 combines red, blue and white into a sharp looking shoe. The colors are a nod to the throwback Houston Rockets jerseys of the '90s. Across the mid part of the upper shoe under the laces the word "Dynasty" is spelled out. 

Why We Love It:

  • Throwback Houston Rockets colors
  • Stylish profile - one of the better Vol 4 colorways


Adidas first launched the James Harden shoe “Stepback” in early 2020. It’s positioned as a low price, high quality shoe that provides the same feel as the Vol. 4. There’s a lot to like – it has a stylish low profile look, high performance structure, and one of the lowest price points for Adidas basketball shoes.  And the best part – it’s named after one of his most famous offensive moves! 

We’ve listed the best Harden Stepback editions below. You can see the full selection of Harden Stepback shoes by following our custom links to the NBA Store and Amazon.com

Harden Stepback - Select From 10 Colors

The Harden Stepback combines great cushioning and support with high performance. If you click to the product page you will see 10 colors to choose from and some excellent deals. Some sizes can be purchased for less than $50! A no-brainer pick for anyone looking for an affordable James Harden shoe.

Why We Love It:

  • You absolutely can't be beat the value for the price
  • Very popular basketball shoe during 2020

Harden Stepback White/Black

We included this Stepback product link because it highlights two simple colorways that are hard to find for most James Harden shoe releases. There's a simple white base with black Adidas stripes and a white, black, and red version. Good size selection and prices available for both. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great simple white and black colorway


The Harden Vol. 3 launched in October 2018 and provided a number of enhancements over the prior versions. Since the majority of Vol 3 shoes for sale are 18+ months old the selection is mixed. You’ll find some colorways at rock bottom prices and other limited editions creeping up in price and becoming collectibles. This release solidified James Harden shoes as one of the premier NBA signature lines. 

We’ve listed the best Harden Vol 3 editions below. You can see the full selection of Harden Vol 3 shoes by following our custom link to Amazon.com

Harden Vol 3 - Pick From 10+ Colors

Click the Price button to see a huge selection of Harden Vol 3 shoes to choose from. Great colorways still available in many sizes and at good prices. The Vol 3 was a popular shoe that maintained the low-profile style and aesthetic. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great simple white and black colorway
  • Classic red and black - two can't miss combos

Harden Vol 3 Gold "Imma Superstar"

This gold metallic Harden Vol. 3 honors a note Harden wrote to his Mom when he was a kid telling her one day he would be a star. The words "Imma" and "Superstar" are found on the right and left shoes.  One of the most recognized of the Vol 3 editions, there's still good sizes left at affordable prices. 

Why We Love It:

  • Love the story behind the shoe - a note from Harden to his Mom
  • Unique and stylish gold colorway


The Harden Vol. 2 was released in late 2017 and only a limited selection remains. Below we’ve linked to a product page on Amazon that offers a good selection of colors and sizes. 

We’ve listed the best Harden Vol 2 editions below. You can see the full selection of Harden Vol 2 shoes by following our custom link to Amazon.com

Harden Vol 2 - Multiple Colors

The Vol 2 holds a special spot in the Harden's signature shoe line - he won an NBA MVP award wearing them. While the selection is limited, if you use the Price link above and hunt through Amazon you'll find some good options. 

Why We Love It:

  • Excellent throwback James Harden shoe from his MVP season


The Harden Vol. 1 hit stores in late 2016 soon after Adidas signed Harden to a massive shoe contract. There was tons of promotion and discussion about this shoe – some people loved it and others not so much. Regardless, it paved the way for Harden’s signature line to take off in the coming years. 

We’ve listed the best Harden Vol 1 editions below. You can see the full selection of Vol 1 James Harden shoes by following our custom link to Amazon.com

Harden Vol 1

Very limited selection of the Harden Vol 1 is available for sale now unless you're shopping for collectibles. Clicking the Price button above will take you to the best offer on Amazon. It includes a few different colors and good prices. 

Why We Love It:

  • The shoe that kicked off Harden's signature line with Adidas.

Top 3 James Harden Shoes For Sale

Our top 3 James Harden shoes are below. We hope you enjoyed our review, we will update this page soon when the Harden Vol 5 gets widely released. You can send feedback and questions to [email protected].

>>> If you want to see the full inventory of all Harden shoes available for sale follow our live link to ALL James Harden shoes at Amazon.com and the NBA Store


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