Best Gear, Jerseys, and Collectibles from the Original Space Jam Movie

Can you really be a 90’s kid without having watched Space Jam at least once? The movie portrays Michael Jordan after retiring from the NBA to play baseball. He is invited by the Looney Tunes to help them regain their freedom from the Monstars who work for Mr. Swackhammer. There are a number of other NBA stars in Space Jam including Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Larry Johnson. We’ve put together an awesome list of gear and collectibles you should check out to celebrate this classic movie!

Space Jam DVD

Space Jam by Warner Home Video

If you don't own the movie DVD, now's the time to get it! You can relive your favorite childhood movie and your kids can get to see just how fun movies used to be.

What We Love About it:

  • Loads of fun
  • A perfect mix of live action and animated movies
  • Re-experience both Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes frenzy

Space Jam (DVD) (Rpkg)

If you want to dive behind the scenes and check out various production notes while watching the movie, make sure to check out this special version of the DVD!


Check out this detailed collection of Space Jam inspired jerseys in all sizes and two distinct colors: black and white! On the street or on the court these jerseys are a big hit. 

Michael Jordan Space Jam Jersey – Black or White

Michael Jordan's jersey in the movie was the Tune Squad jersey and we must say we love it! He kept his loyalty to the #23. The material is 100% polyester with the Mesh Jersey fabric. It's available in many different sizes. The name and the number are stitched. This is the classic jersey from the movie and it's very recognizable. You may remember Zach Lavine wore this during his first NBA Dunk Contest win. 

What We Love About it:

  • This the classic Spam Jam jersey
  • A faithful representation of the actual movie jersey

Space Jam Bugs Jersey – Black or White

What would Space Jam feel like without the popular cartoon character Bugs Bunny? This jersey is a high-quality, true-to-size Bugs Tune Squad jersey in both black and white. Everything is sewn and stitched with the squad's logo on the chest. 

What We Love About it:

  • A genuine representation
  • No printing, only sewing and stitching
  • It's Bugs Bunny!

Space Jam Lola Jersey – Black or White

This Lola jersey is a great way to pay tribute to her. Choose either the black or the white jersey and feel just how breathable and light it feels. There is no printing as all numbers and letters are stitched. This is a rare jersey from the movie that true fans will respect. 

What We Love About it:

  • Breathable and light
  • No printed letters or numbers
  • Fits as expected

Space Jam Monstars Jersey

For those who want to represent the bad guys, check out this breathable, stitched, and light Monstars jersey with a great design. Shake up your nostalgia by switching teams and see if this rare jersey catches the eye of your friends or basketball buddies. A very cool find. 

What We Love About it:

  • Rare jersey from the movie
  • Great feel and quality
  • Very recognizable and unique


Check out this awesome collection of Space Jam hoodies!

Men's Simple Logo Hoodie

Choose between black and white with this simple Space Jam hoodie. The material is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and it's a part of the official Space Jam merchandise. A cool retro hoodie and one of our favourites from the entire collection we've assembled. 

What We Love About it:

  • Simple and fashionable
  • Choose between black and white

The Silo White Spacejam Tunesquad Jordan Front & Back Hooded Sweatshirt

This is yet another hoodie you can wear to show your support for the Tune Squad! The design is simple but you might want to order a size larger than what you usually wear. This hoodie has a clean look and will stand out.

What We Love about it:

  • Simple design and clean, white look
  • Affordable and a good budget choice


Tune Squad Tee 90’s Classic T-Shirt

This T-shirt features many characters from the Space Jam universe. The is an official Space Jam shirt and we love the overall style and movie graphic. A great way to pay tribute the original movie.

Men’s Classic Shirt - Tune Squad Marvin & Bugs Bunny Tee 90’s Classic T-Shirt

For a less colorful approach, you can check out this white T-shirt with just the Tune Squad without Michael Jordan. Not an easy shirt to find it's only available at limited times. 

What We Love about it:

  • Rare graphic and clean design
  • Great reminder of the characters from the movie.


Retro Tune Squad Looney Tunes Michael Air Jordan 11 Nike Basketball Snapback Hat

This is a cool basketball snapback hat with the Tune Squad logo on the back and the Space Jam logo in the front. It's very popular and perfect as a gift for fans of the movie.

What We Love about it:

  • A perfect gift
  • A cool design

White Snapback Tune Squad Logo Hat

Being a contrast to the black hat above, this all-white basketball hat is perfect for summer days when you want to channel your inner Michael Jordan. There is no logo on the backside. A clean look that goes well with any outfit. 

What We Love about it:

  • Its size can be switched
  • Cool design
  • Perfect for summer days


Freeze Tune Squad Basketball Shorts

These unisex white shorts are just like in the movies and they can help you complete your outfit. It's 100% polyester and its' fully licensed. They are made to fit like genuine basketball shorts from that era. 

What We Love about it:

  • Can fit both genders immediately
  • Completes your Space Jam outfit.

Men's Movie Shorts Basketball Shorts

If you are looking for a pair of shorts to complete your black jersey combination, you should check out this one. It has both black and white combinations for an affordable price. There are many sizes and they are breathable with the use of Quick-Dry technology.

What We Love about it:

  • Perfect black Space Jam shorts
  • Breathable + Quick-Dry technology


Some people simply prefer collectibles to real clothes. Collectibles are kept in one’s home and they can be displayed to let everyone know you’re a die-hard Space Jam fan.

The first three items on the list are Funko POP action figures. Here is what we love about them:

  • A creative design
  • A perfect start to building a large collection
  • Can stand on its own

Funko POP Movies Space Jam Bugs Action Figure

Funko POP Movies Space Jam M3 (Blue Monstar) Action Figure

Funko POP Movies Space Jam Taz (Styles May Vary) Action Figure

Warner Bros Space Jam Michael Jordan Action Figure Set

This is an interesting set of Michael Jordan participating in various sports. Even though he wasn't the best baseball player, he ruled the basketball court in the NBA for his entire career. And every MJ fan knows how much he loves to play golf. 

Warner Bros Tune Squad Monstars Blanko Plush Stuffed Animal Doll - 12 Inches Tall

This is an interesting official toy representing the Blue Monstar. It's 12 inches tall and can stand on its own.

Headband and Wristband

Space Jam Headband & Wristband Terry Knit Set

This is the perfect addition to your basketball game. Show your support towards the Tune Squad!

Kids Gear

Youth 23 Jersey Kids Basketball Jersey White

Buy this Jordan #23 jersey for your son/daughter and pair it with your own and go out to shoot some hoops! A great jersey for young kids.

Youth Basketball Jersey #1 Moive Space Jam Jerseys Bugs Bunny Sport T-Shirts

After Jordan, make sure you make your kids appreciate the legacy of Bugs Bunny! A very cool jersey for youngsters. 

Movie Posters

Trends International Space Jam-Collage Clip Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Poster & Clip Bundle

MCPosters Space Jam Michael Jordan Bugs Bunny GLOSSY FINISH Movie Poster - MCP458 (24" x 36" (61cm x 91.5cm))

Trends International Space Jam-Classic Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Multi

What to Consider When Buying Space Jam Gear?

Here are some things to consider when buying Space Jam gear, clothes, collectibles, etc.

  • Licensed – You should only make purchases from accounts that have proper permissions to distribute Space Jam inspired merchandise.
  • Material – If you are looking to play basketball in your gear, jerseys should always be made from polyester.
  • Breathability – This is a major consideration for many sorts of clothes but playing actual basketball requires that your gear is fully breathable and quick-drying.

Personal Preferences to Consider

These preferences should be based upon what you feel. They are a bit more subjective but you should still pay attention to what attracts you. Check out the preferences below!

  • Style and Color – Some merchandise may seem perfect when looking at its online description but, in reality, you need to picture in on yourself and make sure it’s something you’ll wear and enjoy.

  • Buying for yourself or buying a gift – If you are buying for yourself, only you can know what to buy. However, other people’s tastes may be different, so consider whether they might prefer collectibles over clothes.

  • Brands – Many brands sell legitimate Space Jam gear and you’ll often find yourself choosing between them. There are customer reviews so look at the feedback and make an informed decision.

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